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The Last Stop

On Your Journey To A Better Dog

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Real Life Training for Real Life Results

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Highly experienced and passionate training from someone who strives to improve life for you AND your dog with clear direction and support!

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Proven Results

See testimonials from happy clients and their dogs. The success and happiness of the dog and human are equally important to me!

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Training That Fits

As an avid opponent of "one size fits all", I offer options and training styles to fit you AND your dog! Dogs are not "cookie cutter" and neither am I!


Who I Am


With over 10 years of experience, I am committed to helping dogs from all walks of life and backgrounds to achieve better success, stability, and calm, successful behavior in the home and world.

I specialize in behavioral cases such as fear, reactivity, and aggression, and will always cater my programs to the dog in front of me.

I also pride myself on my human relations skills and my ability to connect with people in a proper yet meaningful way to make dog owners feel comfortable, happy, and adequately guided in their journey in dog ownership and training. 

Services Offered

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Private Lessons

Conducted at Last Journey K9 headquarters in Nashville MI, I will train you to be your dog's own trainer! We set up a date to work together and aim to help you and your dog to live less chaotically.


Board & Train

 Michigan's premier Board & Train program specializing in building stronger, healthier dogs in mind and body. I also heavily focus on empowering and educating humans to have better bonds with their dogs.

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Consultations via Zoom or FaceTime are a great way to get an honest & professional opinion from the comfort of your own home. It's the perfect option for simpler questions and fixes, as well as virtual coaching.


Why I Do What I Do

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While I believe every dog is different, learning and behavior are more universal than many are led to believe. Every breed of dog can be trained through finding motivation and tapping into instincts and drive. No breed is "untrainable" or requires a handler specifically trained or experienced with said breed to offer help and guidance to the dog's human family. 

Many may think I specifically work with German Shepherds and while that's the breed I know in-and-out and choose to own, it is not my only area of expertise. My skill is complex and flexible and can (and does) help families from all walks of life with breeds from all over the world. 

These are just a VERY few of the dogs I have helped in my years of training professionally.

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