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At Last Journey K9, I believe every dog is different and should be treated that way. Training is never "one size fits all" or "cookie cutter" to me. I believe in getting to, and fixing, the root cause of issues, not just slapping a Band-Aid on. 

Through a variety of services, I try to offer affordable, effective, ideal options for every person and budget. While my training is not cheap, I believe in "value over price", and that you truly do get what you pay for. 

Training is always going to be an investment. You will only get out of it what you put into it. My methods are fun, safe, effective, and humane for human AND dog. I firmly believe in the ethical use of training tools (prong collars, eCollars, crates, etc) to help owner and dog both understand and enjoy life together more safely and effectively. I will ALWAYS teach dog and owner BOTH how to use tools safely and effectively to achieve the best possible results.


I proudly offer discounts to Military and Police. Thank you for your service, now and always.

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Board & Train

Skip the warehouse style programs: my Board & Train is quiet, comfortable, and intimate. Your dog stays with me in a safe and effective home environment and learns an entirely new way of being and state of mind. All training tools are included.


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Just need a little help, a professional opinion, or even a second opinion? By phone, Zoom, or FaceTime, I am here to help and will never sell you on "hopes and dreams"... being real, honest, and effective is my policy!

$75 per hour

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Private Lessons

Let me turn you into your dog's own trainer in one-on-one lessons done at my home. I offer an environment with and without distractions and teach you everything you need to succeed.


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Group Classes


Seminar style setting of 3-4 hours long, with one-on-one AND group help. Learn from me and others alike in a fun, engaging, and broad spectrum environment!

Please check the Facebook page for Group Class Events.

Typically reserved for past training clients, boarding at LJK9 is safe, private, quiet, and now open to dogs with issues who otherwise can't board in group settings or in less skilled hands.



All programs are at the trainer's discretion to recommend and agree to. 

Phone consultations may be scheduled to discuss further. Phone consultations are free up to 15 minutes. An in-person evaluation may be performed at Last Journey K9 for $75 for an hour. Signing up for training following an in-person consultation will result in the $75 being applied toward the program price/total.

Please review the Services and then fill out this form as thoroughly and honestly as possible and I will reach out to you if I think we will work well together to improve your life and your dog's!

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