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Board & Train

The Last Journey K9 Board & Train program is unlike most. No warehouse, no hundreds of dogs barking relentlessly, and no passing the training off to someone else. Your dog will stay with me, in my home, in a "crate & rotate" environment meaning I do not throw large groups of dogs out together and "hope" things go well. Your dog will ONLY interact directly and freely with me and my personal dogs to achieve any and all results. Your dog's health and safety are my top priority.

My Board & Train program is primarily geared towards two types of situations: dogs with behavioral issues such as reactivity, fear, anxiety, or aggression, and dogs who would benefit from ecollar training for obedience and off-leash reliability. Dogs must be at least 6 months of age and up-to-date on all required vaccinations and pest preventatives to participate. Dogs must also be crate trained (at least somewhat) and potty trained (at least mostly) to participate. Please let me know if your dog has issues with either of these. 

"So what can I expect from a Board & Train?"

  • Your dog will stay with me, in my home, crated when unsupervised. He/she will be trained, exercised, interacted with, and cared for to the highest extent, as if he/she were my own dog.

  • Your dog will come home with a better understanding of the behaviors and commands we discuss and agree upon.

  • YOU will be sent home with extensive directions to help your dog, and yourself, succeed and continue training at home.

  • You will receive videos with full explanation of what I'm doing and why to show you the entire training process. I firmly believe in full transparency, and showing the entire process is beneficial in understanding what is being done, what needs to be done, and what works best for everyone. Videos are 5-30 minutes long, unedited, and sent 1-3 times per week. 

  • Your pick-up session will cover education on the training techniques and tools that will be necessary for you as your dog's handler to succeed. You will also leave with a better understanding of your dog, your relationship with your dog, and why it matters. 

  • You will be entitled to extensive support after the Board & Train, should you ever need, INCLUDING follow-up lessons. 

  • Any and all tools used during your dog's training will be included (except for a crate) and will go home with you.

Board & Train Options

2 Week B&T


This option is reserved for generally happy, stable dogs without any serious behavioral issues. 2 Week program will be followed by a 2-hour go-home session, plus 2 one-hour follow up sessions.

3 Week B&T


This option is reserved for generally stable dogs without any serious aggression issues (issues such as reactivity and fear/anxiety are permitted). 3 Week program will be followed by a 2-hour go-home session, plus 3 one-hour follow up sessions.

4 Week B&T


This option is reserved for dogs with serious behavioral issues such as:

  • Extreme reactivity

  • Human aggression

  • Dog aggression

  • Fear (aggressive or not)

  • Anxiety

The goals of a behavioral rehab will always be better behavior through a combination of obedience and counter-conditioning the dog's brain to respond better and more happily to former triggers, primarily through becoming a better leader for the dog. 4 Week program will be followed by a 2-hour go-home session, plus 4 one-hour follow up sessions.

payment options

A 25% nonrefundable booking fee/deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve your training slot. The remainder of the amount due is to be paid on or before the dog is dropped off for training. At this time, I do not take payment plans.

I take the following payment forms:






-All Major Credit and Debit Cards

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